Why do you need the InvisalignDental Treatment?

This Invisalign method is a tooth straightening system that uses the shape of the patient\’s teeth and smiles, which are generally, produced using 3D imaging technology. It is designed as a series of invisible and custom aligners that are commonly used to straighten teeth. This method is considered an alternative to brackets that do not have metal brackets or wires, but simply plastic equalizers that are used to improve tooth formation.

Benefits of using Invisalign keys;

Invisalign refers to the use of braces that are invisible when used on teeth. It has a smooth and transparent plastic material that helps the teeth straighten properly. This method is generally used by patients who wish to have a perfect smile with the best teeth, and also wish to have a minimal impact on their social or professional lifestyle.


Fast treatment

In most cases, this method offers faster results than those offered between braces. They say that the braces need up to 3 years to straighten their teeth, but with this Invisalign process, it only takes a year to recover this beautiful and confident smile. Looking at the period of time, you can feel safe and confident on time.

Look at your new smile

With the latest technology on the market, invisalign clinic singapore will help you see a new smile and design even before starting treatment. This encourages the patient to remain calm and offer the dentist any necessary changes.

It can be easily removed

It is difficult for people who use braces to eat, clean and water their mouths. They cannot eat food for several days because they can even damage braces. If the food gets stuck, removing it makes it harder

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