What are the courses offered by ULC for kids?

English language learning is a vital skill to learn for any kid. The English course for kids provided by ULC make your kids ready for the competitive world. The course provides online Lessons, and your child can learn from the comfort of your home. They use highly recommended apps like Brainpop, ClassDojo, Epic Reading and Zoom to make the classes fun and interactive. Their prices are very affordable. You kids also are a part of like-minded kids. Your kids will be more cooperative and collaborative. They will also have new friends from around the world. The curriculum focuses on learning the basics along with the practical application of English language skills.

What is the process of booking a slot for a ULC kids course?

It is very easy to book your kids\’ slot at the ULC course. Firstly you will have to take up a free online level test. This test is conducted to determine the English level of your kid. It is a 15-minute test that focuses on evaluating the reading, speaking, comprehension, and critical thinking aspect of your child. Thereafter a consultation call from the ULC team will be conducted wherein the results will be discussed, and they will also assist you in explaining how ULC will t help your child to take their English language knowledge to the next level. After this, a trial session will be conducted to make sure that your child is able to enjoy and learn from the session. And thats’ s all. The final step is to register for the classes, and you are done in creating a bright future for your child.

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