Used Cars – What Are The Benefits?

In this world where time is money, owning a personal vehicle to commute saves a lot of time. One must understand that a car is a requirement and not a luxury. If you plan to buy a car, not necessarily that has to be a brand new one – You can buy a used car spending significantly less. Don\’t let your ego push you to buy a new car. A penny saved is a penny earned.

In Waipahu, you will find many dealers selling used cars. You can choose from a variety of used cars in Waipahu. You will be awestruck to see these cars being sold at such low prices. Let us analyze the data given on the website of a used car seller known as TCAAuto, Waipahu to see how much money can be saved buying a used car.

Car Model


Price Of New Model


Price Of Used Model As of 24th June 2019


Amount Saved


2010 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Coupe








2010 Jaguar XF Luxury








2012 Volkswagen Beetle 2.5L PZEV








2014 BMW 4 Series 435i








As we can see, a substantial amount of money can be saved if we buy used cars instead of new ones.


Apart from the benefits achieved from the depreciation of the value of old cars, buying a used car will provide insurance benefits too. Insurance companies pay money in case of a wreck as per the current value of the car on that accident day. So, if a new car is wrecked the insurance company has to pay more than the amount paid if the wrecked car was an old one. As a result, the cost of insurance for a new car is intentionally kept high. The sales tax on a new car is higher than that on an old one.

One must be a little careful while buying an old, used car in Waiphau. The buyer should check the registration papers to see if the chassis and engine numbers of the car and those written on the papers are the same. One should check the prevailing insurance papers concerning the car to see if the car was ever involved in an accident.

You can buy two used cars with the money needed to buy a new car. Which car have you bought – is not the ideal question, the real question – is the old car fulfilling your needs?

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