Understand Web Hosting Reseller Services

Basically, the name of the reseller means the person who buys and sells. In this case, hosting a reseller is an attempt by a reseller or retailer who sells web space available on another server. The current trend of the modern world of the market depends solely on the web space needed to create blogs, etc. People create a domain name and make web hosting to advertise their products on the Internet.

There are several types of hosting resellers.

In the first case, the intermediary is considered the agent of a particular web hosting company. Web space ads are advertised by a reseller, and anyone who buys this web space directly from a web hosting company receives a reseller percentage of the sale.

In the second case, the reseller hosting is a marketer of a company located on the Internet. He advertises services on behalf of the company, and people buy web space through an intermediary but have a direct connection with the web hosting company for more help after they buy this place.

The third case is when the web hosting company itself is a reseller; Customers buy web space from a reseller who purchased a real web company at a lower price. If assistance is needed, the middleman provides this, not the company.


The best way to understand intermediary hosting is that when customers buy web space through an intermediary, he/she receives a percentage of the payment as a commission for the sale of the space. In most cases, resellers buy large amounts of bandwidth and space from a web hosting company and divide it into smaller pieces of space or bandwidth and sell it to customers. In these cases, the distributor is asked for help.

If someone plans to start a business and run an online business, the first thing to consider is hosting resellers, where you can share information around the world with customers interested in a particular project. The best use of hosting for resellers is to sell web hosting resources, as well as gain strength and attract more visitors to the site.

Reseller hosting is also known as site change. Through this process, a reseller buys web space and a domain, increases value by increasing revenue and improving conversion, and reselling it for great profit. Some intermediaries add a mailing list or redesign the entire site, which results in them receiving more than they actually paid for it.

In summary

The purpose of turning websites is to buy weak websites and create them before selling them for profit. In most cases, the website is used by the newly created company to create basic level sites and increase its value by adding additional benefits. When it has reached a high level, the site is sold with a high profit. This is a reseller service, and changing a website means making a big profit in online business by selling not a product, but a place.

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