TorGuard VPN Review 2018: My VPN of choice

We all want confidentiality in our life, and it has converted a need for our online activities too, we don’t want anybody snooping round in our internet exploration details. It is a big break of privacy. A thought of somebody watching all our internet actions is very creepy plus uncomfortable. However, the sad fact is search engines, social interacting websites and the Government organizations track each plus everything we do on the Internet.


This is why the mainstream of internet users are choosing for VPN services to defend their privacy and to keep them safe alongside any hacker attack as well as data theft.

BitTorrent Proxy

As per TorGuard Review, it is a 100% nameless plan delivered by TorGuard, it is for the users who share files over BitTorrent. This plan provides its clienteles an option to upload and share files over torrent securely. It will aid you to maintain secrecy and stay out of trouble; TorGuard sends traffic to you over an anonymous arrangement to more than 40 proxies IP’s situated in four diverse countries. They will offer you with guides from which you could learn to configure the uTorrent or BitTorrent, Vuse customers and for widespread web browsers, numerous iOS devices, and Skype.

Privacy plus security

TorGuard has a firm policy against keeping any kind of logs connected to their customers. They do not keep any record of your internet browsing plus downloads. Even if there is a court order otherwise DMCA takedowns, they do not offer any information. Though, they do keep your billing address, which you can evade giving them by paying them over bitcoins.

As per TorGuard Review, Firewall instructions give them liberty to directly block the source of any kind of spams and DMCA takedown orders.


If you are in search of a reliable, safe, fast as well as easy to use VPN service, then Tor Guard is the one for you. It gives you the liberty of sharing files online as well as carry out your doings on torrent securely and anonymously. They have over 1200 servers spread crossways over 42 countries which warranty high speed; they offer infinite bandwidth to all their clienteles and support all main protocols.

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