Tips adopted in selling

It has become a very common topic in today\’s day to day hearings and discussions about the selling and buying of Facebook views. In earlier days, people thought it was weird and strange to buy Facebook views but eventually they understood the importance of this and now this is no more regarded as strange or something that is unconventional. The platform where they sell and buy Facebook views also has some tricks and hacks. These tricks and hacks are oriented in such a way that the sellers also can make some profit out of it. The one stated below is one the main trick that they use of sell their service.



Different pricing for different number of likes or shares:

Generally, if a certain number of likes and shares cost a certain value, then this should increase linearly. For instance, if the number of likes and shares are doubled, then the pricing also should be exactly doubled. But, this is not what happens in reality. If the number of likes and shares are doubled, then it costs less than the double price. And moreover, if the number of likes and shares are further increased, then the price is even more reduced. This might sound very silly to most of the people.

But, this indeed has got a greater meaning attached to it. That is, if they go on reducing the cost of the likes and shares, people will be lured into buying the greater number because it is being available for a lesser price. This way, they will be able to sell a bulk product which is more important than most other factors when it comes to selling.

Therefore, the people who sell it that way are not fools or have no knowledge about selling. In fact they are more intelligent than what you think they are.

This is one of the major tactics that the sellers adopt to sell. This is not just a benefit for them but it is a benefit for the customer to get more likes and shares for a lesser pricing.

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