The reason to choose a stand-up form of MRI scans

MRI is a short form of magnetic resonance imaging. This helps the doctor to identify what would happen inside the body with the use of an x-ray. Instead of radio waves and magnetic fields together to form the diagnostic images. Apart from the normal MRI, there is also another kind of MRI which is known as the stand-up MRI. Such kind of facility is provided by the stand up MRI machine in East Brunswick, NJ

The stand-up form of MRI is a completely new model of a traditional form of MRI machine. Instead of being still. The patient needs to stand up, lean or even can sit down to get the image. They are also familiar called upright MRIs.

Uses of stand-up type of MRI:

This kind of MRI is very useful to get rid of the claustrophobic feeling at the time of regular MRI. As the patient is in the position upright and as the head will be placed outside, they even can watch the television at the time of the MRI scan.

This helps to get an accurate image of the body part. This kind of MRI is very useful to get the images of what is happening in the body of the patient as the weight of the body is in the bearing state. For instance, if the patient is feeling back pain while standing this kind of machine makes it possible for the doctor to check what is happening to the body then.

In the traditional form of MRI, the doctors can\’t find the problem that may arise in the region of the C5-C6 spine part. But with the help of a stand-up form of MRI, it allows the doctors to find the problem that is faced by the patient in this particular region. Therefore, it is also easier for the doctors to diagnose the problem and give the appropriate medication to the patient.

The main reason for using the stand-up form of MRI machine is that it helps to find the accurate problem in the body. The greater part of this kind of MRI is that it does not have any kind of tube or tunnel while doing the process of MRI scanning. It is also helpful to be used even at the time of emergency as it makes it possible to get the result on the same day of doing the MRI.

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