The difficulties that apps faces to make money

You might have been aware of the ways free apps make money. For them who do not know, free online dating apps make money through subscriptions, adds, premium packages and so on. They really make a lot out of these sectors but skill there are several problems which make it very hard for these apps to make money. Especially newcomers in the business find it tough times to make revenue out of this. The reason for this is given below.

A large number of base

The main reason to make money in any sector is its customer, the larger the base the easier it is to make money. However, with the number of free online dating apps coming in the line, it has been impossible to make that kind of base when you can add moneymaking attempts. The apps have to have an excellent feature to retain it\’s users as well, because of the number of apps that are coming up. There are apps that get an instant hit when they enter the market because of the new concept they have put front but this thing slowly goes way when news apps enter the market with new features.


The imbalance between males and females

The most difficult situation that an app face is an imbalance between genders. Everyone wants to be in contact with the opposite gender, but due to the lack of the users, it becomes extremely difficult to go the matches. This trigger to lose some customer base because is not actually getting why they signed in for.

Everyone looking for a date

All the user in the free online dating sites is present because they are in need of a partner. They don’t care to about where they find them. hence to make that possible they sign up to many more sites to make that possible. If they find a perfect match in one among the many sites they abandon the rest sites, hence the user base decreases.


To make a business out of the dating apps isn’t an easy task. You have to all way come up with updated ideas to keep a balance of users, and then only you can think about money.

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