The Baker rack is a timeless piece of furniture that transcends style and has many uses in the modern home. The racks, traditionally made of metal, serve to cool cakes and lift the bread through heat conducting racks. Numerous shelves allowed professional bakers to stay organized and prepare delicious baked goods. Today\’s copper bakery racks have been redesigned to accentuate intricate designs and incorporate them into other uses, such as storing everything from books and knickknacks to glasses and bottles.

Copper has long been popular for its reputation for excellent thermal conductivity and its ability to heat evenly. Combined with tin plating, it is an excellent kitchen tool. Copper bakery shelves are a continuation of the rise in popularity of this beautiful and timeless material in home d├ęcor.

Trying to decide which room to put your baker\’s rack in can be more complicated than choosing one, as they are incredibly functional and will fit in just about any room, not just the kitchen! The styles available online are extremely varied – corner units are ideal for bathrooms and laundry rooms, adding quirkiness and functionality to small spaces. They display beautiful candles and flower arrangements, and beautifully store towels and laundry items. These rooms also have wicker storage boxes, which are very popular and fit comfortably on wire shelves. Unlike many furniture that is used for storage, commercial baking racks are lightweight and easy to move if you want to change the look of your room from time to time.


The very popular use of copper bakery racks is a fun and functional addition to your patio, veranda or garden. Organize an open space or garden shed well to display plants, keep watering cans and potting supplies close at hand. Combined with outdoor furniture, this gives your seating a finished look and is ideal for food service! The advantage of copper is that as it wears out from exposure to air and moisture, it takes on a beautiful and garden-friendly green patina (think Lady Liberty!); the perfect complement to your look.

But if you use your copper baking racks indoors and want to keep the surface shiny, maintenance is a breeze. There are several copper cleaners available, or you can simply mix baking soda and white vinegar to create a paste that recreates a store-bought brand. Simply apply the paste to the rack to clean it and then rinse. Once dry with a cloth, your copper baking rack will look like new!

It\’s hard to think of a reason why you shouldn\’t buy one or more of these attractive items. Whether you want to bring harmony into your home, organize accessories, or have a convenient place to chill a cake, your baker\’s bar will be a valuable piece of furniture for years to come.