Condominiums, it\’s a symbol of success, lifestyle and modern architectural wonders. For growing countries, this has been the preferred property option and for some countries, it\’s either a flat or a condo because of the problems with space. This is ideal for small countries and there are plenty of reasons why.

Condos aren\’t just simply the option to go small on space and get people to live on a highly vertical platform. It\’s also about the lifestyle of living in a condo that is not present in buying a house and lot. In some countries, there are people that buys a condo instead of a house and lot and if your in a place where it\’s the only option, after the article you will find a new light on your purchase and in case you haven\’t yet, the article will convince you.


Less maintenance: Condos are less of a hassle when it comes to maintenance cost and effort. No need to make a lawn beautiful because you don\’t have a lawn, no need to worry about your garage because you don\’t have one, no need to spend thousands of dollars for home improvements and pool maintenance because you don\’t have one. What you have is a small place that is easy to clean and everything is provided for you and the best part is, you don\’t even have to maintain those amenities.

The amenities are aplenty: With condos these days, it has more amenities that you can ever wish to have if you have a house and lot. You got a big pool (infinity in today\’s standards), a gym, a park, a security, maintenance, mailbox, and condos are near key areas that provide more comfort to modern day living like restaurants, malls, MRT, parks and etc. The reason why Condos are well priced is that of these perks.

You can actually save money: There are many reasons why many people aren\’t buying condominiums and that is because of space and cost, but if you look way past that you will enjoy other things that it offers like:

  • Saving money on fare
  • Saving money on going to places like parks, malls, schools and even in your workplace
  • Save money on maintenance
  • Save money on home improvements and restorations
  • You don\’t even need to buy a vehicle because there\’s no need if our near everything

If you\’re looking for a condo, Park Colonial Condo is the place to be, it\’s located on Upper Serangoon Road (Woodleigh Lane), district 13. It\’s estimated to be a 15 storey building with 805 residential units. It has a 99-year leasehold and it\’s a very luxurious concept that people would appreciate. It has amenities like a clubhouse, guardhouse, functions room, swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium and so on. It\’s near Potong Pasir MRT stations and near schools like Stanford American International School (SAIS) and Cedar Primary and Girls’ Secondary School.