Spotify is an application that enables you to stream tons and tons of music. It\’s a subscription-based service that you need to maintain for you to enjoy their full service. Don\’t get it wrong, Spotify is free to use, but f you want to download and do other stuff with your music aside from shuffle play. As they say, once you go for the paid subscription you can never go back, because you can download tons of music in your app and listen to a ton of music with full control.

If you’re an artist you would want to be on Spotify, simply because it\’s one of the best ways to market your output and be heard. But if you think that just because your music has been in Spotify that many people will listen to you already in your band will become more popular. The fact is, getting your music in Spotify is just another step. Getting people listening to your  music is another thing. You should know that Spotify doesn\’t really promote your music, you have to do the legwork.

So how can your music be heard? So what\’s the point of going into Spotify if they can\’t promote your music? Well… Spotify is a good tool, but you need a 3rd party service that can help you maximize Spotify’s potential. So what’s the service all about? The service is all about giving you Spotify followers. For so long some people think that having followers in Spotify is organic, but it doesn\’t have to be. Some companies figured out how to tweak the system and use it to your advantage.


Why is this important? For most people in order to be successful in Spotify, people have to know you first. That makes sense because how on earth will people searched for you if they don\’t know what you are and what you represent, right? And that takes years and more money to shell out. But you don\’t have to, because there is a way to have more listeners and followers on Spotify without being too costly and too time-consuming.

Is it really necessary? The thing is, if you\’re just new to your music or you\’re a struggling musician, you need more exposure. More exposure means you need to have more people listening to you and that can take years and years of touring and playing. Save yourself that hassle and be smart. Nowadays there are many ways to get exposure without spending millions and doing the time. There are people that went viral overnight and they became famous, there are people that became successful even if they didn\’t have millions worth of ads, how did they do it? Surely luck is also part of it, but most of it is because they played smart and that can be your band as well.

Spotify is a very popular music streaming app. If you’re a musician you would want to be on Spotify because that\’s where listeners are. But if you\’re not really that known to most people, bragging that your band has gotten on Spotify will just be something that you can brag about. Make use of Spotify by hiring a 3rd party company that can offers Spotify promotion to  boost your followers on Spotify and have more reasons to brag why you’re on Spotify.