A mobile app is a term that is used for applications made for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Whenever a new mobile device is released, manufacturers will brag about how speedy it is, how long the battery life is, how nice and big the screen is, how thin it is, how beautiful looking it is, how the camera takes stunning photos and so on. These tech companies are always telling you how their device is way better than the competition. They sell you the hardware side of it.

\"enterpriseBut, after all the hype, after a year or two what made your device so special is no longer that special. Because there are already way better models from various brands in the market that will make your device feel and look outdated. No matter how old the device is, one year, two years, three years, four years, five years and even some people use their devices more. Why there are people that aren\’t switching year after year?

It\’s because of apps: It\’s because of apps. Think about it, when you wake up in the morning would you admire the long battery life? No way, because when you wake up your phone is either plugged or in a dock charging. Would you be impressed by how beautiful your phone is after one of two years? For most people, the longest admiration for their phone\’s lasted about four months before they took it for granted. The point is you don\’t wake up to be in awe of the hardware features. Once the hype is gone, the only reason why our still addicted to it and spend most of your time fiddling on it is that of apps.

Why apps? Because apps run your device. Its the reason why when you wake up you open your phone. When you don\’t know anything you unthinkably reach for your pocket to grab your phone. The reason why you spend most of the time on your phone is that of apps. From your social life to your fitness, even to booking yo\"enterpriseur flight, your apps can make you do everything on your phone. It keeps you engaged all the time that it becomes your life. If you left your phone anywhere, you will feel bad because your phone has now been an extension of yourself that leaving it somewhere just pains you regardless if the phone is two years old or older. Apps did that to you and this is the reason why a lot of businesses develop apps.

The phone itself including all its components might draw you to buying that unit, but what makes you spend more time with it for years isn\’t the hardware but the software. The apps that keep you from becoming more drawn to it even if your advice is no longer new. For companies that require apps for their services, the challenge is crossing that OS gap. This is the reason why a cross platform mobile development is essential. If you’re interested, there’s a company called Velvetech that can help you with that.