Triple omega 3-6-9 is the combination of the three omega oil with fatty acids which contains fish, flax and borage fatty acids essential for the needs of a human to maintain good health and develop a healthy immune system resulting in less death expectancies of the users of these supplements.


In taking the triple formulated omega fatty acids…

  • The metabolic health can be managed well with the three fatty acids generated oils, rich with the significant vitamins and nutrient forming stable health, which mainly consists of fish oil, flaxseed oil and borage oil combined.
  • In making of the maximized strength in triple omega oil in the cycle of ‘good fatty acids’ would act as a supreme source of revitalizing agent for cellular health of your body.
  • The triple omega helps in the growth of cardiovascular health whereas it is all our body needs on a daily basis to maintain the even metabolisms and health functions of the body.
  • With maximum strength in providing the essential fatty acids your body needs, the triple omega 3-6-9 acts as a developing agent in your health’s respiratory organs which results in consecutive management of bad fats and fights excessive cholesterols residing in your body and creating a havoc to your health.
  • The promotion of metabolic regulation is also advanced in the use of these natural oils supplements.
  • It also supports the structural growth of muscular cells while working out, providing capable strength for training and working purpose.
  • The susceptibility of harmful acids in the body is lowered due to the various elements of nutrition and healthy buildup of the metabolic rate in the body.
  • It stabilizes the growth of vitamins and nutrients in the body.
  • The triple formulated omega oils with fatty acids acts as a fat remover even in the liver, which provides double-fold protection towards the health of an individual insuring their long term life expectancy.

However, in the triple omega 3-6-9 the ratio of omega 6’s fatty acids is comparatively lower than the omega 3’s as those can be produced by the body and omega 3 and 6 need to be supplemented through external dosage for the same. Therefore eating oily fish in your regular diet can help claim the best results from these super strengthening fatty acids balancing your life cycle in every way.