As the transition of the world, it also follows the changes with the appearance of the money. One of the most important things in a country especially for their economic sector. There are a lot of changes with the looks, the texture and the image that can be found in the money. Many countries give an acknowledgment to their heroes, culture, places, and history. That\’s why these things can be found on the paper money or in the coins. As time passed by, the value of the money from the past can be that big today. As there are many collectors from the present time, that they tend to buy the rare coins from before.

What are the rare coins? A lot of people have a vague idea of what a rare coin is. They might draw and picture out something old and worn. Which is also a fact, this is because of the transition of the money across the borders. Some can imagine as gold or maybe silver, but the fact that it came from different country and serves a part in a long history.

Ways to help people who love to sell coins in identifying rare coins. As there are only limited types of rare coins that can be found in the world. So, there are two factors that can help people to identify a rare coin type. People are often not aware of what is a rare coin. However, rare coins today has a lot of value to the market than before. That’s why there are a lot of people who make selling and buying of rare coins as their way of living.


The first factor is that the mintage. This will help people to distinguish the coins on how many mints that can produce for a given issue. Some coins have more issues than other and types as well, so it can look intimidating and chaotic. But of all the numbers out there, mintage is on the most solid footing.

The second is the survival rate. The survival rate refers to how long a coin can maintain its quality. As it becomes more valuable if its rate of survival is long.  It is also needed because a lot can happen to a coin over the years. Collectors tend to gather most of the rare coins that have a great kind of history. Which only means that its appearance looks better for many years. This is for the reason to also sell rare coins by them, in the future. Needed to be censorious as, a coin can get lost, damaged, burnt, buried, cleaned, tampered with, mutilated, recalled, etc.


There are countries that don’t preserve rare coins as the government implemented a policy. This policy is to melt all the coins from the past. As they believe that those coins before cannot use by there people. So, selling rare coins is not their business. Unlike with other countries that they always have space for the people who love to collect things from the past and one of this is the rare coins. To sell rare coins remain a business today as it can make a lot of money.