Owning a superyacht has become the epitome of luxury for the uber-rich. These huge floating customised homes contain everything under the sun in terms of technology, amenities, construction and sophistication. It is extremely rewarding for those on board these yachts to cross different oceans and coastlines and travelling to different locales each and every time. A super yacht by definition is a customised crew-controlled heavy sea vessel which should be more than 24 meters in length and boast of a specific set of amenities (or more) as per professionals in the yachting industry. Superyachts of this size are always built to individual commissions and costs millions of dollars. Shipyards specializing in these luxury motoryachts are found all over the world.


The personalisation and privacy features of these private yachts are the main alluring points for the rich to invest in such huge amounts of money. Be it for personal vacation or for charter these yachts provide the best experience on the oceans and the coastlines of the world. These yachts act as the perfect home away from home for creating wonderful experiences and memories. Amenities in superyachts may include water toys such as speed boats, jet skis, snorkelling equipment, spas, saloons, bars, infinity pools, theatres, fully equipped gyms, etc. The other over-the-top amenities which have been commissioned in some superyachts include satellite communication systems, helipads, full-sized basketball courts, libraries and private quarters for the guests.

The average value of a superyacht is $10 million. The customization is left for the owner to decide while commissioning the yacht. The superyachts can be chartered by the owners to cover business costs as these vessels are high maintenance. A personalised crew is always present on the yacht and they mostly cater to every whim and wish of the owner or the guests in case of a charter. Superyachts not only make sailing appear fun and fancy but they are one of the best options for the rich to escape from the daily hectic life and enjoy a vacation which is both personal and private without any security concerns. All in all a superyacht is a one-of-a-kind experience.