Predicting someone’s future events by using features of palm is Palmistry and most of them turns out real. The four major lines in palm, Head, Heart, Fate and Life are formed before birth, that is these lines are created when the fetus makes fist. Eventhough these lines change during one’s lifetimes, and new lines appear, basic lines are easy to recognize and read. The more accurate your readings, is the more accurate happening things in life. The talecup of palmistry can be explained as: One can make changes in their life by knowing what’s coming up and make allowances: for an example, a person can be advised to take care of his health if he is likely to have health issue. Moreover, a short life line does not mean a short life, but can be a sign for poor health at that course of time is likely. Palmists are not expected to predict severe illness or death of a person.


Myth or Reality

Not every palmist know about palmistry as it is difficult to learn. Taking advantage of people’s tensions and helplessness, many palmists assures them a bright future, and turn out to be fake. The study of hands is as much a science as it is an art. Human brain is made up of billion nerve cells and are connected to our hands and spinal cord spreading throughout human body. Palm lines reflects our thinking, wisdom, personality, and morality. This way, analysis of hand lines can be accurate most of the times when read. The talecup of palm reading is to provide solutions to change one’s future by their own efforts. Depending on a person point of view, palmistry is believed and dismissed by some too.

Practice makes perfect

The first thing a palmist do in order to read hand is to look at both hands first to identify dominant hand and predict readings faster. At the time of birth, both hands are similar and change by age, dominant hand grows faster than passive. Our daily activities are communicated through dominant hand making it conscious and matures fast, and this is the reason why, well versed palmists read right hand first. Most of the times, predictions made by palmists are true, which comes by practice and experience.