Numismatists.Coin Grading. Sound familiar? No? Do not be too hard on yourself if you have not, for most people are not familiar with these terms. A \”numismatist\” is a person who is involved in the study or collection of coins. A numismatists study however does not merely revolve on coins but other collectible forms of currencies as well. But because coins are among the most collectible and valuable items in this field, numismatists have become synonymous with the hobby of coin collecting.


Numismatic VS Bullion Coin

The term \”numismatic\” coin, however, only applies to a coin whose value is placed over its history, how rare it is and is usually never about its composition. Some collectors are only after what the coin is made up of and place value in it, such as gold, silver or copper – this is called a \”bullion\” coin. When you think about it, It has got to be more fun hunting down rare coins for its historical significance rather than the metal its made up of right? Well, it really depends, so onward to what anyone does after finding a coin. A coin is generally \”Graded\” after it is found or if the owner wants it sold for a certain sum of money.

Coin Grading Network

Because it is 2018 and we are in the digital age, there is now a digital network and the numismatic community has never been more alive. It is a bustling hive of activity in the forums.  And for enthusiasts, it has never been easier collaborate with other like-minded individuals in this area. Social Media is abuzz with activity but experts are saying to tread lightly, because of so many valuable items in this field, it might not be a good idea to post them in social media like Facebook and Instagram. The key is to limit your post to your circle of like-minded individuals and do not make your posts public. Ultimately like any other platform, social media is a tool and you can use it well and carefully to your benefit or make use of it hastily and carelessly to your mishap. Furthermore, this platform has the most reach, with millions of users online at any given time. For coin grading app though, it has never been easier to get in touch with colleagues and get their opinion on a particular piece, saving valuable time and effort. Again NOT everyone agrees on social media but does have its advantages – correspondence on such platforms should always be taken with a grain of salt.