As far as fat is concerned we must be very careful, as these are also present in many protein shakes, since the vast majority come from animal lactic serum. This origin makes the quality of fats is low, since they are mostly saturated. Therefore we must take care of the origin of sports nutrition of proteins and especially the amount of fat they contain, which must never exceed five grams as happens with carbohydrates.

These points we will take into account when going to the store to buy our protein shake. We will always look at the nutritional specifications and if we do not understand its composition, the correct thing is to ask for advice from the person who will assist us and who will give us advice.


Seeks collegiate professionals

The function of a protein shake is to nourish the muscles as needed In the case of nutritionists there are Nutrition Associations in each province in which nutrition professionals can graduate in a way that they commit to meet the corresponding requirements – such as basing their activity on scientific evidence -. Therefore, consult the Nutritionists Association of your province is a good idea to start.

Be clear about what training you have and exactly what we want

We can find endocrinologists, who are doctors who have specialized in this branch. We also found the nutritionists who have completed the degree of Nutrition and Dietetics – a four-year career – and, finally, the dieticians who would have done technical studies for less time than the previous ones.

The choice we make will depend on our personal and medical situation and what we are looking for. In any case, in terms of diets and healthy advice, going to a nutritionist is always a good idea.