\"ElectricMy kitchen is a haven from the daily grind of life. In the kitchen, I get to relax and in a way, meditate while cooking my favorite dishes and sipping my favorite beverage, coffee. I am very picky about the stuff I bring to my kitchen and only the most aesthetically pleasing ( at least to my eye ) can be allowed to occupy a space in that haven. Not only should an item be pleasing to the eye but I have to be utilitarian and be as useful as possible. Imagine my surprise when I find myself in need of a glass kettle, for I have recently discovered the many benefits of drinking tea. And so I went online and tried to choose a kettle. Lo and behold there were so many! I finally settled on a glass kettle, having had the hindsight to avoid anything plastic mixing in with a hot drink. It is just not a good idea to be boiling water in anything other than glass or ceramic.

The package arrived after 2 days, arriving earlier than what was expected and that is a good thing. I immediately notice how well the packaging is and immediately have high hopes for what is inside -for if they manage to do a good job in packing alone, imagine what the product must be like. There is a heft and a reassuring weight to it as all good quality products are associated with.

Opening up the package, I can immediately see that I am unboxing a premium item, the box itself is simple yet protected what is inside thoroughly. The kettle itself is solidly built made of stainless steel with a brushed aluminum finish and glass. Just holding it and feeling its weight immediately lets you know that you have a superior product in your hands. There is no plasticky or rubbery smell at all that seemed so common with cheap items.

\"ElectricAfter reading the manual, I finally give it a test run, boiling water. There is a clear led indicator that tells you it is turned on and switches off when it senses the water has already boiled. The lid opens slowly, to prevent the user from being scalded with steam. It also boils water faster than a microwave does which is awesome. The base of the kettle actually rotates 360 degrees and detaches the main carafe allowing for tangle free and convenient operation. This is truly a wonderful addition to my kitchen or any other kitchen at that. I am so pleased that I decided to do this glass electric kettle reviews. I hope I helped you choose your own in some way.