Most people rely on their computers for their basic tasks and work activities. This is not something considered a necessity in the past. But these days, computers have the most common programs that are needed for a common business operation. Hence, most people are facing their computer in most parts of the day. This makes the tasks faster. And most employees are also very efficient and can perform better.

But this also has its downsides. Staying in a sitting position too much will make things uncomfortable, even if you don’t notice it. The back starts hurting. Your wrist will become uncomfortable. If you don’t fix it, this would become the cause of health problems and bigger pain issues with a chance of wrist problems becoming chronic.


To prevent this, you can rely on the basic tips for painless keyboard writing.

Observe proper posture. This starts everything. Whether it’s a discomfort or something that makes things more comfortable, the posture can influence everything. The use of your wrist when typing is influenced by a lot of things. A huge percentage of this is posture. There’s a recommended posture to keep during the times you’re constantly typing.

Invest in quality keyboards. Keyboard comes in different types. Others are specifically made for certain needs. For instance, there are options for gaming and others are also made for typing. Apart from keyboards, there are keyboard accessories that can be used to help you in improving the functionality of the most utilized item in the entire computer unit. It’s also something that offers comfort.

Choose the right wrist brace/support. Braces come in different types. Others often confuse this as something that is only used when you injure your wrist or when you want to protect the wrists. But this is not something that is limited to that. You can also fully utilize the benefits and functions of braces. Apart from keeping your wrist protected, it’s something that also maintains the right posture of your wrist.

Rest. If you’re reliant on computers for your daily tasks and different activities, this means you’re going to spend a serious time every single day in front of your computer. If you will be spending several hours a day, it’s no surprise that your wrist will be in pain. Apart from your wrist, you can also experience the discomfort for the entire back and the neck. In order to prevent this from happening, stretching your body as well as resting from time to time will also be essential.

Creating your own routine and keeping yourself healthy will also be helpful steps. Apart from the current tips for painless keyboard writing stated above, you need to invest in getting into shape and actually spending time outside of your computer world.