Everybody dream to become rich and famous. Wealthy life is truly a great opportunity. You can have everything that you aspire in life. Traveling to famous places, fine dining inexpensive restaurant with nice foods serve,  and jewelry. These are just but some of the things money can buy. But is there such formula in getting rich? Precisely none. No person has the get rich formula. Getting rich can be achieved through hard work. There is no such thing as bullet points to wealth. Assad believes that getting rich has a formula. He believes that his steps to becoming affluent are through his being a trusted expert in investment. Digging it deeper at this point in his profession it is valueless mainly because of arrogance.


Over- Self Confident doesn\’t work out for Good:

Alexis Assadi is youthful and full of confidence. He has been considered lucky and bless from birth and was brought up by educated parents. He has been traveling from one country to another in his youthful days. This gave him the chance to understand the worlds cultural differences. Assadi said that an individual must know what step to take in order for him to get rich at the age of 26. But because of lack of experience he just merely repeated his life stories, not including the gigantic breaks that he received that only luck could provide. Yes everyone wanted to get rich at his early age. But absolutely not following the path of Alexis who believes that getting wealthy could be achieved by just merely following the rich formula, instead, to become rich needs sacks of sacrifices and endeavors in order to reach your goal of success.

Assadi, Alexis perceptions:

Assadi is mention that he wanted to be recognized as a true expert in the world of investment. His most interest aspects are debt securities and real estate. It seems that he just joking, by looking at the word used “perceived” there is no assurance that he is a real investor and he is just pretending to be one. He doesn\’t deserve an ear when he throws out a request about areas of the different investing landscape to which he had never given any deliberation. Hope against hope that Alexis Asadi doesn\’t see any misconception on the issues and beliefs that he shared not only with his competitors but as a whole. Needless to say that anyone who believes in every bully article from his blog might open their eyes is not as true as people perceived as he is.