A switch is nothing but a multiport bridge that consists of buffer and perfect design that can boost its efficiency and perform. More number of ports indicates less traffic. The switch is data link layer device that can check the errors before date is forwarded. This process ensures that the final switches turn out to be very efficient devices as they do not let erroneous packets proceed further. They forward only good packets selectively to correct port only. Switches divide collision domain of hosts, but the broadcast domain remains the same. On the other hand, a router is a device same as a switch that routes the data packets based on their IP addresses. The router is a network layer device. These routers are helpful to connect LANs and WANs together and to have a dynamically updating routing table depending on which the decisions are made regarding routing the data packets. The router is also useful to divide broadcast domains of hosts connected through it. Black Hawk supply is a leading firm that is indulged in offering networking accessories. Some of their offered products are a wireless router, networking switches, networking servers and much more. They provide its customers with best routers & switches.


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