BACO Enterprises Inc is the leader in Industrial and Construction industry. The company is based in Bronx, NY. They offer high-quality products and the fastest delivery service, which is why their clients trust them. As a manufacturer of tension control bolts, they are no doubt the most trusted company. When it comes to tension control bolts, let’s go ahead and find out why we should trust this company.


All About Tension Control Bolts

For tension control bolts, you have two choices; the ASTM: A325 tension control bolts, and the ASTM: A490 bolts. These two are different from each other because the A325 is plain and mechanically galvanized, while the A490 are plain and uncoated. These bolts are both made from high strength steel to ensure high performance and longevity. These are all available in different lengths and diameters, depending on what you need.

Why Use Tension Control Bolts?

The use of tension control bolts is becoming the trend in heavy construction. Previously, hex head bolts or rivets are being used. But because of the faster installation time of tension control bolts, these are now preferred in a construction application. You would be able to save three or four times speed when it comes to installation.

BACO Enterprises Inc – Why Trust Them?

For over 2 decades, BACO Enterprises Inc has been the major distributor of tension control bolts locally and internationally. They are known to provide high-quality products because of their strict quality control measures. Not only do they make sure that they meet their clients needs, but they also randomly check the A325 and A490 bolts to ensure that these products meet the specific tolerance requirements and standards of this industry.

The Next Day Delivery Of BACO Enterprises Inc

One of the dreaded problems that most people have when it comes to ordering materials for their construction project, is the long wait for the materials to be delivered. BACO Enterprises Inc wants to give you a different experience with their next day delivery. Since the company is based in Bronx,  they offer next-day delivery to clients from New York City, Long Island,  and even for Lower NY State, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut and some parts of Massachusetts.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a construction project in mind, get in touch with BACO Enterprises Inc today and get a quick quote of the materials that you will be needing. From bolts, nuts, washers, anchors, steel, fabrication and safety services. All of these are readily available to be shipped to your location. All you have to do is visit their website, fill up the form, and you will be contacted by a customer representative about your options as soon as possible.