There will be an IP address to each and every individual system with its respective broadband connection if enabled. You can also derive a proxy IP address from third party companies too for hiding your own IP address. If the hackers or website trackers those who track your IP address cannot detect your actual IP address.


Having a static IP address is resided with numerous benefits too:


  • Refreshing your IP address led to increase the risk of downtime from the server. This risk can be reduced when you maintain static IP address to your system. So, check on once whether your system is provided with static IP address or not. You will get your system IP address in search engine Google by typing what’s my ip.
  • You are required to have your own private SSL certificate in order to accept credit cards through online transactions. This private SSL certificate holders are mostly ecommerce website owners only those who sell products online.
  • FTP:There is anonymous FTP site is located where every person can use this FTP software for accessing files which are stored in a particular directory of your site. Here this site provides user name is anonymous after checking out what’s my ip in my system. Moreover web hosting providers need only a static IP address for working out this site and for maintaining it properly.
  • You have an option of accessing your pc through FTP site or any web browser too. If your pc is associated with a static IP address, you can easily have an access anywhere in this world. If you set up a dynamic IP address, your computer cannot be recognized unless and until you maintain static IP address to your pc.
  • There is a file transfer protocol which is used to transfer files from one system to other. It acts a reliable source of communication from sender to receiver. Here particular software needs to be installed for your system for setting up a specific FTP site. This site is used for sharing of files like images or photos to your friends in order to increase your firm. If you separately set up this FTP site, your clients, friends or any partners can easily log on into your site and have access for uploading different files respectively.


Hence static IP address role and the essence of FTP are clearly defined above.