There are a lot of reasons why properties need to get proper maintenance. A commercial property like buildings and spaces must be properly cared for to the customer\’s satisfaction. Now, if you own a commercial property, yet you fail to provide the proper maintenance, you would lose a client. It is a fact!

As a commercial property owner, you are responsible of your property. Since you are earning from it, you need to make sure that you will receive a continuous profit from it. How is it possible? By providing the proper maintenance and care, you need to call for reliable commercial property services. Earth development is a team of responsible commercial property service, dedicated and committed to providing the best around the state.

Commercial property maintenance services

There are two major kinds of commercial property maintenance services offered. These are important maintenance services that must be provided by the commercial property owner for the satisfaction of the clients. Now, if you wish to get more clients and earn more from your commercial property, then provide all these two major services for your money-making asset.

  • Lawn maintenance

Lawn makes your yard, garden, and landscape look alive. It makes the environment lively and lovely. Thus, to make sure that it is properly maintained, make sure that you are giving proper care. The following lawn maintenance services are provided by the team. All the lawn maintenance mentioned below are provided at an affordable cost.


Lawn aeration and dethatching

Weed control


Shrub and tree pruning

Landscape bed maintenance

Parking lot sweeping

Pest management

  • Snow removal services

Snowstorm is not a hindrance of being productive in a day. It doesn\’t give you any headache when you come out of the house for work. Snowstorm is expected to blanket your roof, yard, driveways, and even the sidewalks. But, the team of snow removal maintenance is always prepared and ready to gather all these thick snow and clear up your way. The team is just a minute away from the call, then you can arrange and book for their snow removal services.

Now, if you are getting stuck with the super thick snow of your yard that hinders you to have a productive day, this will not take long. Also, for lawn maintenance, there is no way for your landscape and garden to look boring. It can be maintained and freshen up every day with proper lawn maintenance.