Pimple scabs are the result or a ruptured or a pricked pimple. Basically scabs is a combination of various dried blood components, white blood cells, red blood cells, and body fluids. The amount or the size of the scabs that will appear will depend on how big or how deep the wound is. While scabs promote healing, it can’t be denied that scabs do also promote scarring especially of the pricked area is really big.

The better way to manage this is to prevent acne in the first place. While its good as it promotes healing, people that pricks their pimples does develop permanent scars and hole on their faces like a crater which affects one’s overall appearance. If you properly manage your pimples this will not happen in the first place and preventing pimples which ultimates causes this should be prevented.


The causes of scabs: There are certain causes of pimples and these things are what people should avoid or minimize. Aside from breaks in the skin that are caused by shaving in men, there are many factors as to why acne just shows up on your face and the culprits can be found below:

  • Medications – There are medications that affect the hormones that cause pimples like hormonal drugs.
  • Diet – Generally food that increases sebum production can make you prone to pimples like fatty and oily foods.
  • Stress – One of the things that are preventing an infection (a pimple) are your antibodies. If you\’re stressed, your antibodies are low and that will help microorganism to invade and cause pimples.
  • Lifestyle – Healthy lifestyle is able to help you properly manage your hormones, stress, increases your immune system and contributes to minimizing pimples, unhealthy lifestyle is the exact opposite
  • Hygiene – The main reason why pimples show up especially in men is because of poor hygiene. One of the causes of pimple is because of an impacted oil gland that is due to lack of cleansing.
  • Puberty, periods, pregnancy and menopause – Hormonal imbalances caused by Puberty, periods, pregnancy and menopause contributes to the development of pimples.

How to manage a pimple scab: Surely you already got a pimple scab since you\’re reading the article. There are ways to manage it while managing a small one is easy, a big one is a different story. If you want to make it worse and prevent scarring below are some tips:

  • Don\’t pick the scab
  • Don\’t try to pluck the scab while it\’s still forming
  • When you wash your face make sure not to hit the scab hard
  • Pat the area of the scab gently
  • Use tested and proven methods to help you manage pimple scabs (click the hyperlink to find some good ones)

Pimple scabs are these things that form moments after you prick your pimples. Its made up of dried red blood cells, white blood cells, and body fluids. while scabs help with healing, there\’s no denying that it can lead to facial scars. The best way to manage it is to manage the pimples from ever forming in the first place and if you already have one, make sure to follow the things that are mentioned above.