Mega yachts are basically yachts that are bigger than the usual yachts. It has a bigger body, bigger motors and that can only mean a bigger capacity and more powerful in terms of performance. It\’s the most expensive of it\’s kind and it\’s not for everybody. The yacht market is a very exclusive market that is catered to the people that can afford such things because quite frankly, these things can\’t be bought by just anyone, not because they don\’t want to, (who doesn\’t want a yacht, right?) but because they can\’t afford one.


One of the reasons why these yachts are very expensive aside from its massive size, design, features, make and model is because it\’s a very exclusive market that doesn\’t get to have an everyday buyer. So who are these people that are buying these millions of dollars worth of boats? Is this even a sensible investment? You will find that out below.

The company: Aside from the very wealthy individuals, charter companies buy these mega yachts for the reason of making a business out of it. These guys don\’t do it for the lifestyle, but by making money out of it and sell it as a luxury lifestyle at sea. As you know if you can\’t afford to own a yacht, let alone a mega yacht, the next best thing for that gets one that\’s chartered. If you want to experience how the rich and famous live or if you want an entirely unique experience on your events, this is the way to go.

The person that can afford it all: A no-brainer customer that can buy these oversized yachts are these wealthy folks that can even afford a spaceship to go to the moon if they want to. Mega yachts are a symbol of wealth, proving that there are good things that money can buy and a mega yacht is one of them. These people are less of an adventure seeker, but more of a lifestyle person. Sailing and using their yacht to be off the grid and have their own private place to enjoy life at sea. Life is short and if you are one of them that can afford a mega yacht them buy one and make the most out of your life.

The adventurer: There\’s no denying that a yacht is not cheap and has often been a symbol of wealth, but yachts are more than just expensive boats. It\’s top of the line, it\’s fast, it\’s high quality and it doesn\’t sacrifice comfort at all. If you want to have an adventure across the Atlantic, this is the way to go. Keep in mind that the initial idea with yachts is that it should be made for fast sea travel and it still is, making it bigger doesn\’t sacrifice that speed either. Besides if you want to travel the world why not with the best boat that money can buy right?

Mega yachts might be bigger in size but it\’s surprisingly balanced in terms of speed and comfort. These yachts don\’t come cheap and there are only a very few that can afford it and buys it like a charter company, a filthy rich individual that loves to travel in style and a filthy adventurous individual that loves to go on an Atlantic adventure with the best boat in the world. Surely you\’re one of them and if you\’re looking to buy one, check out 4Yacht.