Who can stop a brimming river or an unstoppable wind? A person who wants to do something extraordinary carves his path and walk on the same without caring about what others have achieved. One such person is Hamed Wardak about whom the article talks about.

A scintillating personality

Sheer determination and the craze to do something unique can make a person become a successful individual. A creative endeavor fuelled by imagination and talent also needs discipline. An art takes dedication to hone the craft you have like Hamed Wardak has. He has not only cultivated his name in the business world but also chalked out the fame in his career by producing and performing the techno music. He has also earned his name working for his country Afghanistan.

An inspiring life expedition

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan as a son of defense minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, Hamed Wardak completed his graduation from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. After being named Rhodes Scholar in his graduation, he returned to his country to help the needy during the Afghan Civil War. He then returned to the U.S and went into business.


After working at Merrill Lynch and Technologists, Inc., he decided to weave his philanthropic efforts into “Ludas Athletics” which was a line of clothing whose sales benefited the refugees from all over the world. He wanted to mold the lives, goals, aspirations, and dreams of today’s youth as well. Therefore, he utilized the events of Ludas to benefit the local community by funneling encouragement to the younger generation.

The novel engagement

He is currently engaged with his passion for techno music. He is constantly trying to create a proactive sound that can attract and grab the people’s attention. He aims to help the people on a deeper emotional level through his music. The fact is well known by everybody that music is a powerful tool for self-healing and thus he is horning his art to enhance the people’s lives and encouraging them. He is known as “Valen of Wicked’ due to the banner under which he performs the musical events.

He tends to engage the people and help them identify their crazy and fun sides. It takes indomitable spirit and incredible courage to emerge as a musician and so does he has. He has created a benchmark in the music industry and made his life to inspire others with his actions and the original brand of culturally-infused electronic music flavor.