You might be an experienced investor but it is always wise to seek the guidance of a qualified property advisers to boost your profits. Talking about Buyers advocates and property investment advisers, the services of Performance Property Advisory are unrivaled in the industry. Since the property market is filled with many myths and bad advice, there are chances that you make wrong decisions on property investments. If you are looking for some expert advice on property investment, then Performance Property Advisory is your perfect destination. We are property investment specialists and work by carefully assessing and negotiating for quality investment properties in locations around Australia that are heavily supported by strong fundamentals. The research driven approach that we undertake increase the success rate.


Acquisition Process:

Our acquisition process includes the following steps-

  • Macro research
  • Suburb selection
  • Property selection
  • Due diligence
  • Pre-purchase valuation
  • Negotiation
  • Maintenance and Tenancy
  • Ongoing advice
  • Annual review

Once you decide to associate with us, you can then leave all your worries aside as we will take care of every little thing related to your property investment and guide you to the right property. We actively work to select suitable property that fits your budgets and aspirations. We take care of the specific needs of our clients and follow individual approach. We totally understand that the requirements of all investors are not the same.

We conduct a thorough assessment on individual property as part of purchasing process. We assess every single thing regarding the property. We research everything about the property including its neighborhood. The overall condition including pest and building inspections, analysis of neighborhood, scarcity or over supply of similar properties in the area, rental returns, vacancy rates, local transport, employment opportunities, education and community facilities, council development and much more are taken care of before selecting a property. We only recommend those properties that we ourselves would like to buy. This commitment and dedication towards the work that we take up make us more than just buyer advocates.

You can arrange a free consultation with us or send enquiry regarding property investment.