Photo editing is not easy. It needs patience, time and technical expensive software. The process is maybe simple, but the result is greatly sophisticated. you need to be extra careful as you manipulate the image. Thanks to the advancement of digital photography, photo editing become more advanced Photo editing services can be utilized to enhance exposure, remove objects that you don\’t like and retouching.

As photographers, we absolutely understand the business and should always give importance to the true artistic style of a photo. We are all experienced editors and we gave quality service to our customers. Our main target is to assist our clients to make their photos more enhancing and presentable.


Photo Editing Services offered:

  • Culling and Selection- you are to send all the photos you have in your hands and let them choose the best pictures for you. Instructions are  given to them which requires serious and strict compliance for a perfect result.
  • Color correction- In all aspect of life you  are unique. We respect your taste and style and we give importance to it. So, this photo services offer you the best color correction that suits your own style. The photo that you provide will be carefully match with the samples. Photos are edited individually not by batch edit. This way, we can assure  that your style will be perfectly follow and that quality of the photo is consistent.
  • Post-processing services are also present. These include personalized adjustment of the basic panel within the lightroom, It includes temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, shadows, clarity and many more. Each photo that are edited will be consistently edited by the same editor.
  • Retouching: three types
  • AlaCarte retouch-this is the final stage where edited photos are finally polished to have a finished look.
  • Portrait Retouching services include whitening of the eyes, bags under the eyes, whitening teeth, stray hairs around the head, on the face, glare removal on the skin, removal of skin blemishes, reducing hand and body redness, removal of dead skin.
  • Artistic retouch-Since the editors are excellent, all kinds of retouching are possible. The price depends on how much work you need done. They are always there to listen to your photo retouching need just send them a message.

Final Words:

Our sincere purpose is to provide you with the most personalized service where we can give ourselves a break by showing our abilities and give our clients a satisfying result. Leave the time-consuming photo editing to us, we will do the rest!