While online and traditional dating has the same objective, its manner of approach is different.  Whether you joined an online site or a dating app, your first interaction will be behind a screen.

Aside from that, with online dating, you need to find your match, initiate your approach, get to know each other for a while thru chat, and if things turn out well go on your first date. Although, you may receive messages from others singles, whether your a man or woman, it’s still best to initiate some messages to boost your chances of finding that perfect date.

If you’re still undecided to take that first step or if you already have created an account online but haven’t yet found a match, take heed of the following advice:


Try dating outside the box

Before venturing out again in the dating scene, contemplate on your dating history. Most probably you’ll see a trend on the personalities of your past relationships. You may feel those personalities connect with who you are, however, since those relationships didn’t last long then maybe there’s an issue with those “types”. In starting out again, try this time doing it with a clean slate.

Interestingly, you may have heard that online dating offers a variety of dates with different personalities. This time why not go out with someone who you wouldn’t naturally date? Dating someone outside of your normal box may be a good learning experience for you. You never know what a plain message, chat, or a phone call may lead. At any rate, remember that new experiences can always be eye-opening.

Take proactiveness to the next level

Now, if you have joined a dating app or site for a while but haven’t found that elusive date, then maybe it’s time to take your proactiveness to the next level. Your online routine might include, checking your inbox then sending one or two potential matches a message, then crossing your fingers waiting for a reply.

Know that in online dating gender roles do not apply. Whether you’re a guy or gal, the same effort should be enforced in finding that potential date. Seize the moment and don’t be afraid to take charge of your dating life.

Include in your routine finding matches that catches your eye, then confidently send those matches simple messages that will catch their eye.

Don’t forget to have fun

Meanwhile, if you have sent several potential matches messages but haven’t received any responses, then do not be discouraged. This predicament is a natural scenario with online dating. With the internet offering singles an expanded dating pool, it will only be a matter of time before you meet that elusive match.

In any case, with all the initial activities, like the getting to know stage, meeting for drinks or just a cup of coffee, don’t forget to have fun and keep a positive perspective.