The coffee heads have a dying wish of getting a wake-up alarm by a brewing coffee in their bed. When you have the smart choice of getting your coffee being made in a few minutes in the coffee machine then why to waste 15 minutes in the oven. Besides there are many coffee makers available in the market on the basis of capacity some are single serve coffee maker while some are as huge as 8 cup carafe coffee brewer and the  Bonavita BV1900TS 8 cup carafe coffee brewer is one of the notable ones.


There are many coffee brewers available in the market with a wide range of features among which some are manual in handling while some are semi-automated while some are automated and some are super automated. The Bonavita BV1900TS is in the count of the automated coffee brewer. It has got the certification of SCAA, hence it has got many reasons to be chosen from the other one. This coffee maker is marked for making highly refined and fine flavored coffee. Besides the price is not at all breathtaking, it is quite reasonable and comes in your budget.



The featured of this coffee maker does not actually go by the price which is comparatively much low in terms of the service it provides. Some of the extraordinary features of this coffee machine are discussed below.

  1. The coffee machine supports at least 8 large cup size filters thereby making it convenient in usage when there are many people to serve.
  2. There is a tight seal on the carafe which let brewing at a desirable way without spilling anywhere,
  3. The brewing speed of the 8 cups of coffee is uniform and occurs remarkable speed.
  4. The machine is well designed to handle as the holder is strong and the way of extraction is highly improvised.
  5. This coffee maker is the best to choose when you have large people to count upon.
  6. The self-installed water reservoir is perfect for making 8 cups of coffee.

To conclude, the above-mentioned features of the Bonavita BV1900TS  8 cups carafe coffee maker are quite impressive and the best part of the machine is it has got the updated technology and at an affordable price. The machine works great when you have the order of 8 cups. If you are in search of an affordable and highly précised as well as high capacity coffee machine then the Bonavita BV1900TS is the best choice to make.