Whether you’re just replacing the old shower head or completely renovating the bathroom, there’s nothing more important than knowing what you really need. If you want to save time, money, and effort, you need to have at least the basic idea on what type of shower head will suit your bathroom and your needs. The best shower head does not come in just one form. There are actually a lot for you to choose from. By checking out showerreports, you can actually make it easier for you to buy one. Here are some of the most popular types of shower heads.


Rain Shower Head

This type of shower head has a wider surface to simulate a rainfall. It has a flatter surface which enables it to evenly spread water over a relatively large area, decreasing the water pressure into just the right amount and timing to suit your body. As the name aptly suggests, a rain shower head will make you feel like bathing under the pitter patter of the rain.

Single Spray Shower Head

This type of shower head is basically the traditional one.  These are typically cost-effective ones that are well within your budget. It features an adjustable nozzle that helps you control the water patterns. By managing the patterns, it will be easily customised for anyone who uses it.

Multiple or Dual Shower Heads

A dual shower head generally uses only one lever to function. This lever can be controlled through a valve that allows to you use the shower head as a single shower so you can easily conserve water. You can also adjust the water to flow from several outlets and in this case, this is referred to as a multiple shower head.

Hand Held Shower Head

This type can be removed from their stationary holders. It comes with a long type of hose to make it accessible and movable for the user. It’s generally beneficial for areas that are harder to reach. With their flexibility, many people use this type of shower head for bathing persons whose mobility is affected. You can also use this to bathe your playful pets.

Sliding Bar Shower Head

This type of shower head has adjustable heights, making it beneficial for the smaller members of the family. It features functions of the basic hand held shower head but with a hands-free version.

Ceiling Shower Head

Just like the rain shower heads, this type of shower head is also capable of spraying water over a relatively large area or surface. It decreases the growth of mildew as the water generally comes from the ceiling. Hence, there are less water found on the walls of the bathroom shower.

Now that you are aware of the different types of shower heads, it’s time to make the choice. If you want more information, you can always check out shower head reviews.