Coins refer to the money which are used till now by the people around the world. These coins are originated during the Coinage era. Mostly they were used by our ancestors for trade transactions. Coins make us remember our ancient history. Minting of coins became necessary after its origination for varied purposes of using it as tokens, gifts and for many exchange uses for maintaining a camaraderie between people on those days.

Genesis of Coins

With the use of an alloy of silver and gold, these coins were framed out to be in small circle like thing which denoted either the symbol of the country or the image of the famous personalities. These coins made the cultural heritage to be established through many negotiations and paved way for the growth of the economy.


These coins became a boon to the currency systems which equalized the barter system, which is followed before the origin of the currencies.

List of rare Coins

There are numerous rare coins found in our ancient history which are being established and listed for sale nowadays. Some of the rare coins which couldn’t be established are being researched to keep our ancient items still prevailing and the fact to know the value of those coins as memorandum to look back our history.

The rare coins include copper penny, doubled die pennies, dime, Trove of 11th century coins are being known till now due to the continuous efforts of our archaeological department people around the world. The coins such as Liberty head, liberty seated dollar, capped dollar, gold eagle, draped bust dollar are some valuable designed with our ancient artefacts describing our culture.

The turn back era makes sense to validate the use of those items and the technology used to design it can be learned. The work to research these rare coins are really interesting and a tribute to those who are bringing up our history back to us and future generations. The next few museums take effort to showcase these rare coins and their work towards preserving these make the establishments still alive and the advancements are brought up with the help of those rare coins.