Storing Jeans in the Best Way

When you hang your jeans, just keep them on top at the waist of your trousers. This is preferable to hanging jeans from the hem upside down because the denim is very thick. If you hang the jeans upside down by the hem, this will lead to stretching of the fabric and, therefore, to unnecessary wear of the fabric fibers. Although you may not notice any noticeable differences when putting on jeans, it will cause them to start tearing and make it easier to run while in the washing machine.

In fact, there is no specific way that would work to store all your jeans.

Depending on the style of your denim, you should store them in different ways. First, divide your jeans by style. All your pretty jeans type pants should be on the heap. All of your shabby, very casual or light jeans should be in a separate heap.

For your ร้านขายกางเกงยีนส์,labeled as every day wear for a Saturday afternoon, they can simply be folded and stored in an office drawer or on a shelf in your closet. Some folded folds will not really affect the way you place the fabric when using them. If you have several hundred or problematic, some additional folds in the fabric will not interfere with the style at all.


For your darker-washed jeans and / or cropped trousers and กางเกง ลี, hang them in the closet. Your “most elegant” jeans should be treated with caution, as well as your favorite tie styles and woolen sweaters to avoid wrinkles, stretch marks and color changes. It is advisable to attach a few hooks for high-quality wooden pants of the type that are attached on top to hang your good denim.

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