Make sure your home is safe, inspect the fireplace

After a great storm with falling debris, many people will undoubtedly suffer damage to their homes. Unfortunately, since chimneys stand out in their home office, they are very susceptible to damage from large debris such as trees and large branches. Sometimes, if they fall with the chimney strong enough, they will damage their masonry around the stones. In addition, some owners even reported that they may have seen broken bricks after terrible storms. Therefore, if you think your pipe has been damaged due to recent temperature events, it is advisable to contact a professional to inspect the chimney.

Starting your chimney inspection

If you have questions about the structural integrity of your respective chimney, you should start by contacting the chimney repair service to plan an evaluation of your own home. Then, a professional inspector will provide you with spaces available for the event, and you should choose the one that matches your schedule. In the case of the conversion, when the date arrives, the inspector will present himself with all his equipment, ready to begin inspecting his respective pipe.

What should you tell

If this is your first chimney inspection maryland, you should expect a professional to contact and speak on time before starting your work. They can talk to anyone, and then they can talk about their concerns about why they think their pipe is damaged. Be sure to tell them all the main reasons why you think there is destruction, as this can help you in your evaluation. In turn, the inspector will get back on the truck and start picking up his stairs, looking at his house.


The next thing the inspector will do is climb on the roof. Then they will arrive at the place where their pipe meets the outer roof. This is the most common place to damage the chimney, so the inspector will take time and effort here to make sure something is not damaged. After that, they will place the cameras in the chimney and begin to inspect the internal walls to detect almost any anomaly. In doing so, they will also establish great lighting so they can see everything clearly.

Once this can be completed, a professional will ask you to go home to inspect the base of your current fireplace and fireplace. This will allow you to assess whether you will find fundamental cracks or masonry difficulties caused by your damage.

After inspection

Immediately after completing the chimney inspection, you will sit down with the inspector and he / she will consider any condition related to the structural integrity of your respective chimney. If there is any damage, the inspector will explain it fully and show you what remedies are offered for this particular problem. In turn, if you ask them to create a repair proposal, they will complete it, after which they will inform you about the most economical way to solve the problem.

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