Keyless locks: the advantages of biometric systems

With the so-called biometric key it is impossible to lose the keys in the traditional sense of the term. Here are the different benefits of using a digital door lock with fingerprints.

Unable to shut out inadvertently

A door can be opened without a key at any time

This kind of contemporary armored door warranties ultimate safety

No extra spending money to alter latches and remodel all pairs of keys

Regulated admission by whoever you need to admit at a specific time

No extra bulky tons of keys: green leafy glow for very little backpacks or daylight jogging without newborn messengers or shoulder backpacks fingerprint digital door lock.


The disadvantages of biometric systems

Do biometric systems have any disadvantages? Well, the answer is yes but there are still very few.

First of all, there is currently no regulation for the standardization of data; there is, in essence, a regulatory vacuum and a series of cases not yet fully covered by the laws in force.

Secondly, facial recognition systems are not yet as advanced as those we are used to seeing in movies.

The actual operation of the device, in essence, is still too tied to the angle, framing and lighting. Without considering aspects such as aesthetic touches and so on.

If the appointment, for example, with a certain professional is at 11 in the morning, it will be sufficient to program the entrance with that particular fingerprint only from 10 to 12 and access on any other day or time would be automatically denied. The maximum comfort that anyone who plans to install one of the new locks for armored doors on the market could wish for at home .

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