Do you badly want to get rid of the old junk around your house? Or do you have finding a difficult time in choosing whether a dumpster or a hauling service truly fits your junk-hauling dilemmas? A lot of home improvement projects create more large amounts of garbage without noticing it.

Only a few homeowners have the proper equipment, skills, and knowledge to properly haul the waste off to proper waste disposal facilities on their own. This kind of task, however, cannot be done by anyone in the member of the family, because it requires a lot of effort, and of course a  large, weight-bearing vehicle that in a lot of times need to fill and can be emptied many times, and have the capabilities to do multiple trips from the house to the disposal facilities, and a lot of cases have a permission to drop off the collected wastes to that certain facility.

If this alone will be done by a member of the family, this could be a backbreaking work that has a large cost which is more than you save by hiring the proper company that can dispose it and take care of it properly. Well, it depends on how hands-on you are with regards to disposing of your trash, but there are actually two main choices when it comes to disposing of huge amounts of garbage, you can either hire junk removal services or a dumpster rental.

In this article, let us discuss the pros and cons of junk removal services and dumpster rental to provide you with a wider view regarding this matter and of course help you make a better decision if you are planning to hire one in the future.



This type of waste disposal service typically advertises that they will take care of everything for you, which includes removing that old washing machine that you kept for many years in your basement. Always keep in mind that you will most likely pay for any additional trips every time you hire them to dispose of your trash to a certain disposal facility. It could add up if you have to contact them again because you made another decision to dispose more waste from your house instead of filling their trucks in a single time.


Dumpster rental business is required to make its renters fill all the containers on their own instead of hauling the waste items out for their renters. Dumpsters are generally rented via a weekly basis, which makes it best for projects that last for a couple of days or even for weeks or months. You can always take your time filling your designated rented dumpster as you go or rent a larger dumpster to allow you to throw more garbage if you have a planned project in your building or your apartment or even your house. The garbage collection takes longer than originally expected because this is collected on a weekly basis, and not in a one-time big-time collection.

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