How can you log in to the GDAX account for trading?

If somebody has a coin base account then the gdax account automatically generated and the login details of the coin base are the same for later. The security of each and every account is of a high level. It means that against few exchanges, a trader is not allowed to trade secretly. Hence it is necessary for each trader to go through the process of KYC this process is very simple and completed in some minutes.

They will ask some of your necessary details that include trader name, address, nationality and phone number. They will also ask you to upload a few documents which will help in proving your identity. These documents include passport, driving license and PAN card etc. The verification of submitted documents is self-drive which is also a good thing and here is no need of an employee to check those papers manually. As this process gets completed, the customer will find a link to deposit funds through debit cards, credit card or directly through your bank account. There is a condition exists for the withdraw of money.

If somebody wants to withdraw more than ten thousand in a day, he has to provide little additional information. This process is done by verifying your phone number or with your address proof. There is a great facility for the customer when they are exchanging their crypto currency; support is available for them always whenever they need it. This industry is one of the best industries with customer support’s point of view. This service is available for their customer five days a week from 8 am to 5 pm. You can also make contact with the rest of these hours through e-mail service or any social media service. Hence this is really a good option for trading.