Headphones: wireless or wired? Advantages and disadvantages

Wireless headphones are a pioneering product that has been making a name for itself on the market for some time now. They exploit different technologies to make the sound reach the listener\’s ear: infrared rays and above all bluetooth are the most widespread. The bluetooth in particular is the most common means to allow the headset to communicate with the phone or with other devices. However, there are many who have doubts about the genuineness of this technology, which would indeed be considered harmful to some biological tissues of man due to the radiation it uses to transmit the signal without the aid of cablesĀ where to buy baseus in singapore

Portability : the bluethooth headphones are equipped with the greatest portability ever, very comfortable they can be put in any place bags, backpacks, pockets, etc.

  • Longevity : Headphones built with high quality materials will last a long time, beware of shocks that could damage the delicate material they are made of.
  • Battery : when the battery is low we can solve it with a recharge of 2/3 hours to have an autonomy of 20/30 hours. With the USB cable the problem is solved!
  • Bluetooth : this technology allows you to use the headphones in any place or time of day by creating a connection with our device when they are turned on.

The headphones are also beautiful to look at as well as practical to use. Wireless headphones are popular on the earphone market. Light to carry in your bag, they are free of threads and there are many models on the market. The prices are very low, starting from low-cost models that are worth about ten euros up to more expensive models for which you have to shell out a few hundred euros.

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