Hamed Wardak – A man of versatile genius!

It is not easy to achieve excellence. It requires a lot of passion and dedication and hard work. Becoming an expert in one field itself is a great thing. But few people achieve excellence in not just filed but many and become role models for others. Hamed Wardak is an example who achieved excellence in many fields and contributing to the society.

Rhodes Scholars: He was born in Afghanistan but studied in United States of America. He graduated from Georgetown University in Washington D.C and he is a Rhodes scholar. His scholarship was awarded for his integrity, potential, effectiveness, devotion to others and scholarly accomplishments.

Philanthropist: He supports refugees and worked to bring material changes in the lives of refugees. He was one of the founders of CUSAP- the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership, which works for the prosperity of Afgan people.

He took great measures to improve security for their country. He helped to provide medical equipment and provisions during civil war in his home country.

He is helping the youth by providing scholarships through his venture  “Ludas Athletics”

Entrepreneur: He worked at Merrill Lynch in New York and Palo Alto, California in mergers and acquisitions and was successful in closing some big mergers and acquisitions. Then he worked as Managing Director of International Operations for Technologists, Inc, , a contractor to the US govt. This company  under Hamed Wardak leadership has brought many projects to benefit Afgan people.

Contributing Author: He pen down his experiences while working closely during the civil war in the country and as a philanthropist. His thoughts were published in the Huffington Post, which is internationally reputed.

Music: He creates techno music as Valen of Wicked and performs at venues around the globe.

He set an example. The current and next generation can take inspiration from him and strive to achieve more.

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