Getting To Know More About Logan Sekulow

Logan Sekulow has an early start in the industry. At age 14, he graduated from homeschool and joined Full Sail the same year. At 15, he has completed the Film program. This is the beginning of his career of having a successful video production company. He has much distribution in the millions. He has worked with the family entertainment space. He went on to host, write, and produce television specials from the Walt Disney World Resort. He started as an intern at Nickelodeon Studios Florida and Nickelodeon New York.

His Journey As A Director

Logan Sekulow is the now owner of Laugh-O-Gram studio. He is a successful producer and director. The branding studio ‘Laugh-O-Gram’ helps to create unique content. He produces pieces ranging from educational to entertainment material. The name \”Laugh-O-Gram\” came from Walt Disney as a starter for the animation industry. The company has provided young talent with expensive and up to date technology. This way, the works of Logan Sekulow have the opportunity to work in the movie industry. The Laugh-O-Gram Studios was later re-launched under Logan Sekulow’s guidance on 2014.


  • Logan Sekulow\’s media brand creates unique forms of entertainment and educational materials. It is the enhanced brand of the original Laugh-O-Gram Studios dates back to 1921 by Walt Disney. The studio was first founded by Walt Disney, a well-known struggling artist, and animator. It was a breeding ground for the animation industry. In the latter years, a studio is a place for young talent to experiment with the latest technology.
  • In 2014, Logan Sekulow takes part the studio. He is a great filmmaker and broadcaster who worked with the entertainment industry. He became part and have worked with The Walt Disney Co. and Nickelodeon. His first feature film was a biopic on the early life of Walt Disney entitled “As Dreamers Do.” The movie was first released and distributed worldwide by Vision Film. It was then translated into many languages. The film rises in the entertainment industry and is successful worldwide.

Logan Sekulow\’s current release is the documentary “Welcome Home, Dick Van Dyke\”. The film features the life of the Hollywood legend which is under the Laugh-O-Gram brand. The film is touring throughout the world in late 2017 until early 2018. It was about the rare look of Mr. Van Dyke. The story revolves around the return to his hometown of Danville. His tours around the city and his visits that condemned his childhood home for the first time in over 60 years. Hear stories about his youth, Walt Disney, the efforts to save his home and so much more. Van Dyke is 91, but his childlike wonder and charm have not even begun to fade.

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