Fender washer- uses and specifications

There are many places where a washer can be used, you think of any mechanical thing in mind and you will find a washer there attached to the nut and/or bolt. It is because the washer is used to support the nut and bolt to hold the grip tightly and keep the thing fixed for long on the surface without any harm to the product. One of such kind is fender washer, it is a flat washer which at times is also known as plane or normal washer, it is a thing flat washer like a disc shaped ring like a standard washer, however the diameter(hole) inside the is smaller than the  outer diameter. It can be made of any metal or can even be coated or plated and Stainless Plated Fender Washer Vender has such fender washer available with them.


Stainless Plated Fender Washer Vender keeps such washers with them up on demand from customers. These types of washers are rust free because of stainless coating on it. So that is the reason the demand of such washers is there in the market. Fender washers are basically designed for automotive body repair, however they are used in many things like in automotive for sure, plumbing, electrical, etc. These washers can also be customized as per customer’s requirement in regards to its width, size of hole, dimensions, etc. The dimension of a fender washer can be as small as 3/6” abd can be as big as 1/2\”, so do its thickness and its weight and can be coated with any kind of metal.  So the customization is possible in such fender washers.

Superior washer doe supply does manufacture and supply such stainless plated fender washer to venders. They have the expertise in customizing the same as per customer requirements and deliver the product on time, the options of customizing the washer is vast, it can be customized from a very small washer to a normal, large or may be extra large in size of its diameter and dimensions. The availability and possibility of such sizes are available on the website, one can choose and fix and order as per their requirements

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