Features To Look For When Buying A HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner

Having the best HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is one of the “must haves” if you want to maintain a clean home environment. Sweeping dust out of the house does not equal to the results of a vacuum. HEPA means High-efficiency Particulate Air. This is a rating given to vacuum cleaners that have the ability to suction all particles that are .3 microns in size or larger at an efficiency level of 99.97%.


The Features Of the Best HEPA filter Vacuum Cleaner

The most harmful particulates found at home are .3 microns in size. The HEPA vacuum cleaners are your tools to keep your home environment clean. Its filters are able to remove the allergens, dust, and other particles that have settled on your furniture, your floors, and on your carpets. When choosing the best HEPA filter vacuum, here are the features that you should look for:

  • Sealed HEPA System. The dust bag and the motor components should be completely sealed by rubber gaskets to make sure that there is no leakage of the dust-filled air. Like Vacmaster Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum, the machine has the capacity to keep the dust and allergens where it belongs and out of the house.
  • Powerful Suction Motors. When your machine has powerful suction motors, it can pull in more dirt and allergens. Usually, these machines have two fans because the power of the vacuum is usually measured by its air flow. Powerful machines are the best option for residential use.
  • A Tool Caddy. The best vacuum cleaners should be able to let you change from floor to upholstery dusting with one quick motion. Like the Shark Rotator Pro Complete Lift-Away, it can be converted to a handheld vacuum for furniture and upholstery cleaning, and can also be converted to a canister vacuum perfect for floors and carpets.
  • Adjustable Wand. A HEPA filter vacuum should have an adjustable telescopic wand for you to seamlessly adjust in order to reach high places, furniture, and floors. This want will let you adjust easily without adding other accessories. The Ovente Cyclonic Canister Vacuum is one of the best in the market these days that has a telescopic and bendable wand.
  • Easy To Maneuver. When you have a good quality vacuum cleaner, it should be built with large caster wheels so you can easily maneuver it. Vacmaster Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum is the best choice for this feature. Its ball bearing caster wheels makes it user-friendly and easy to transport anywhere in the house that needs to be cleaned.

There may be plenty of HEPA filter vacuum in the market these days, but choosing the right one for your needs is very important. Take note of the features that you should look into before making your choice. It would also help if you can do your own research about the products to learn about what the other customers say about these products. This can help you make your decision without wasting your money on an equipment that is not worth it.

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