Fair Prices At The School Fair

Being a parent also means that you are an active member of the school community. Joining in extracurricular activities can provide advantages not only for your child but yourself, as well. Besides the bonding moments your whole family can enjoy, you can also get the chance to mingle with the other parents, and thus, be able to gain new friends.

One of the most common school activities that are held regularly is the school fair. Here, both students and parents will be able to get the chance to showcase their creative talents and business sense. You may set up a booth either as a family or with a group of friends who are also parents, and then come up with interesting merchandise that would catch the attention of the attendees. Pique their curiosity, entice them to come to your booth by setting up anĀ American Tent full of colorful and fetching decorations. Since these fairs are held annually, investing in a sturdy tent made of quality materials is a wise move. You may even make some extra cash out of it by renting it out to others for their special occasions.

Look through the following ideas for your stall at the next school fair. It would be nice to earn a bit of profit but remember that it\’s more important to have fun!


  1. Pre-loved Books

Gather books and magazines that are just lying around in your homes and put them on display. Kids would not mind if they are not brand new as long as they find their favorite characters in them. And parents are always happy to get a good bargain.

  1. Homemade Gourmet

Assign a particular dish or specialty to each member of your team. One may be a wiz at baking, or maybe fruit preserves are your forte. Try to whip up dishes that are not easily available at the local shops, this will keep them coming back for more.

  1. Face Painting and Hair Color

These always add to the festive atmosphere. Kids of all ages love to play around with designs and colors especially since they are not allowed to come to school wearing them on a regular school day. Designate an artsy person within your team to do the painting or hire an artist for the occasion. Washable, temporary tattoos could also be added to the selection. Just make sure the materials used are hypoallergenic, if possible, organic.

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