Davenport Laroche Containers – Smart option for an Alternative Investment

An alternative investment is also considered an asset but not in a conventional way which includes investing in bonds, equity, stocks, etc. An alternative investment is mostly done in the form of hard assets which can sustain financial turmoil and they include investing in real estate, gold, precious metals, etc. Davenport Laroche is one such company based out of Hong Kong which provides alternative investment options option in the form of shipping containers. The company is strategically placed in the Kwun Tong district in Hong Kong which is surrounded by ports and greatly accessible by shipping companies thereby showing a huge growth in the shipping containers’ market. The company is well connected with shipping clients throughout the world and the container agents have great knowledge of the Davenport Laroche containers and their marketing which help in attracting a good number of clients and investors.


Though the company offers alternative investments in real estate and precious gems, its main focus of investment options is its shipping containers. It is estimated that ninety percent of the global trade is carried out through shipping containers making it an attractive alternative investment option. Davenport Laroche containers can be bought and leased to the shipping companies either on a monthly or a quarterly basis with ROI being in the same manner. The company offers two investment options to the investors – shipping container leasing and shipping container trading. With its large client base worldwide the company can easily source shipping containers in a timely manner. The investments are run smoothly and successfully and credited to the investors as per the plan is chosen.

The company matches the shipping clients with the investors and allows the investors to choose from the options of either leasing or trading the containers. The clients are billed for the trade which is brought back to the investors. The minimum amount required to invest for a three forty foot container deal will be around 9000 pounds. The company also gives buyback guarantee at the end of five years which will be at the market value on that particular day. In the meantime, a guaranteed 12% income on the asset is provided to the investor. Davenport Laroche has created a niche for them in shipping container business and is definitely a sound option for alternative investment.

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