Check Your Vanilla Visa Balance If Your Transaction Declined

If you are doing shopping while using a gift card then you should know whether they are accepting gift cards or not. Most of the retailer and online store do not accept the payment made by using gift card. This is the reason why you have to know the ways of accepting payments and if accepting gift card then you have to check your vanilla visa balance to avoid any type of cancellation.

What to do if payment made through your gift card declined?

There are many reasons behind the cancellation of payment these are as follows-

  • Your card is not activate
  • Not have sufficient balance in your card
  • Gift card is not accepted at that place

Any of the above may be a reason behind the cancellation of payment so you have to check your prepaid gift card if it has a sufficient amount then you have to make a call on the toll-free number and let them know about the problem you are facing while making payment.

Doing this will help you in getting instant solution and you will be able to make a payment whenever you want.

Is there is any type of amount limit in gift card?

Yes, there is a limit that can be determined by the issuer like you can add balance up to any particular amount. If you want to get a maximum limit of your gift card then you have to be the old customer of that card then only it is possible to get the desired type of card easily without doing lots of documentation. Huge number of people are there who are purchasing a gift card for their loved one so that it will be easy to add balance in the card and then spend on buying any things.

Hence if you think you can do the right use of gift card then you can apply for the maximum amount but after that, you have to activate your card and then complete all your transactions just with a swipe or by typing the number of cards and security code.

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