Cellulite treatments are undoubtedly the most effective way to fight this ailment. They give the clearest results in the shortest time, and in the case of advanced changes, they are even the only solution thanks to which we have the chance to get rid of the orange peel completely. The most important rule is choosing the right place. It should be a professional office in which experienced staff will not only properly perform the procedures, but also choose the optimal treatment plan.

When are cellulite treatments performed?

Cosmetic treatments for cellulite are most often performed on people with advanced lesions (in the third phase of cellulite) – because then home methods no longer give satisfactory results. They can also be carried out at an earlier stage, if we want, to speed up the whole process and not wait for the results of using creams and diet.

The formation of cellulite is divided into three phases. The first one is easy to overlook, because then the changes are visible only when we firmly grasp the folds of the skin in the fingers. Then you should start with the use of good creams, diet and physical activity. In the second phase, cellulite is visible in some situations – when we cause pressure on the area affected by cellulite. In the third stage, the orange peel is visible all the time. Then we will not remove it completely with the help of cream or exercises. That is when cellulite-fighting treatments are most often used.

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