Caring For Your Coin Collection

An important thing for coin collectors is the ability to properly maintain and preserve your collection. It is true that metal is tough and strong, but nonetheless it needs the right care to maintain its quality. The surface of coins is very delicate. This is more so true if the surface is made of precious metals. If not cared for properly, you will have scratches, dents, and fingerprint marks. All these will greatly decrease the value of your coin. This will make it harder to sell and you will not get your money\’s worth. Additionally, exposure to natural elements will also have an impact on the quality of your coin. This is why you have to ensure that your cleaning process will not damage your coins in any way. Cleaning improperly will also lead to lost luster or irreparable damage.

How To Clean Your Coins


When handling coins, always make sure you have clean and dry hands. The best way is to wear the right gloves, but just make sure you do not drop it in a slip. Another method is to always hold the coin by its edges. This ensures that no fingerprints will come in contact with the coin itself. You can use warm water with a mix of some detergent to clean coins. Make sure to clean your coins one at a time and change the solution with each. Gently rub both sides from the center to the edge. After, rinse with hot water and place it in distilled water. This will remove any chlorine from tap water. Let the coin air dry and make sure they are completely dry before putting them away.

Storing Your Coins

Another way to preserve the value of your coins is to store them in the right places. In this case, you can buy containers but make sure you choose them carefully. Sometimes, chemicals in the container will result in discoloration or damage over time. Other options for storing include envelopes and PVC free plastic bags. YOu can also make use of mint issued holders which are made for coin storage. This sometimes comes with a collectible set and makes it more valuable.

When taking care of your collection, always make sure to handle it with care. remember, the value of your coin is only as good as its quality. Storing it nicely is also important. Keep your coins in a cool dry place away from exposure to the natural elements.

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