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Best of Bongs in the Market: An Overview

Consuming cannabis has rapidly taken a new turn in recent years. This development has led to advancements in smoking, cannabis culture, and consumption in general. One of the most acclaimed ways of consuming cannabis is the Bongs.  Moreover, with the market saturation came many substandard products providing the best bongs.

Which are the things to be considered before having a Classic Bong?

One must keep the following criteria in mind while buying a bong –

  • Size- Bongs tend to differ from very large to very small, depending on their design. However, size does not determine the best bongs, but it could matter to a person. The most portable of the mini bongs are about 8” or less. Manufacturers produce them with on-the-go customers in mind. The medium ones range between 8” and 14”.  The larger ones come in between the 14” and 18” range.
  • Durability- The materials used to make bongs are acrylic, silicone, and ceramic. However, glass is the most common material used to make bongs. Glass bongs are famous because they have high heat resistance and are easy to maintain, clean and durable. High-quality borosilicate glass is the most common and durable material to make the best bonds. Ceramic bongs are not so durable, yet they are mainly used due to their heat resistance, ease of cleaning, and, most importantly, their cheapness. Silicon bongs are durable and cheap but cannot offer a glass bong range of accessories.

Apart from the standard make-up of a bong, a percolator is one of the most common bong accessories. It filters and cools smoke for more relaxed and smoother hits.

What do the Customers look for in a Bong?

Some of the most important criteria are –

  1. Variety- Diverse range in the selection of bongs is necessary.  The mini bongs, medium bongs, and relatively large ones hold up the market. The other bongs include the percolators, street tube bongs, gravity bongs, ice catchers, and so on. One must look at the top-quality bong brands to ensure that they fit their taste.
  2. Aesthetics- Some bongs are better used in the comfort of the home, and some are portable due to their size. One has to ensure that selected bong features have great innovative designs and aesthetics that combine beauty with utility.
  3. Affordability- The cost is essential in making any purchase. One has to find the best products with varying price points. The products need to be worth their prices. The only aim should be to find at least one preferred product that fits the budget.

All of the bongs are a good compromise between smoke and size quality.

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